THE GLOSSER PRO SERIES SCRUBBING BRUSH turns your polisher into a super efficient scrubbing machine. It delivers outstanding cleaning, the cleaning effect is fast and easy in a way that you can never get when scrubbing by hand!

This is a completely new level of polishing accessories – a must for the professional polisher as well as the semi-professional at home in the workshop. Attach the brush to your polisher to quickly clean dirt and stains from VINYL, RUBBER, CAR MATS AND INTERIOR. The Scrubbing Brush is designed and developed in a lasting construction that makes it a high quality product made to last for many years.

  • Transforms your polisher into a super efficient scrubbing machine!
  • Outstanding cleaning effect, fast & easy!
  • Quickly removes dirt and satins from vinyl, rubbel, car mats and interior
  • 2 sizes – 80mm or 125mm

Part No: 493260, 80 mm 

Part No: 493265, 125mm 

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